Volume 9

Quantum Mechanics

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This stack contains 82 cards arranged into the following sections.

Introduction-Card 1
Waves-Card 3
Wave Nature of Light-Card 7
Planck and Quanta-Card 10
Einstein and Photons-Card 12
Planetary Model-Card 14
Atomic Spectra-Card 16
Bohr Atom-Card 19
de Broglie and Matter waves-Card 41
Scrodinger and Quantum Mechanics-Card 52
Quantum Numbers-Card 55
Orbital Designations-Card 59
Spin Quantum Number-Card 62
Pauli Exclusion Principle-Card 65
Aufbau Principle-Card 70
Hund's Rule-Card 74
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle-Card 77
Born and Psi squared-Card 78
Orbital Shapes-Card 79

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