Volume 12

Chemical Bonds

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This stack contains 171 cards arranged into the following sections.

Introduction-Card 1
Chemical Bonds-Card 2
Gilbert Lewis-Card 6
Stable Electron States-Card 8
Octet Rule-Card 13
Bond Types-Card 14
Ion Definition-Card 15
Cation Formation-Card 16
Anion Formation-Card 17
Ionic Bonds-Card 22
Ionic Nomenclature-Card 30
Covalent Bonds-Card 38
Covalent Nomenclature-Card 50
Bond Polarity/Electronegativity-Card 56
Lewis Structure Rules-Card 73
Molecular Geometry/VSEPR-Card 101
Shapes and Polarity-Card 123
Kinetic-Molecular Theory-Card 133
Intermolecular Forces-Card 141
Forces in Solution-Card 167

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