Volume 19


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This stack contains 116 cards arranged into the following sections.

Organic Chemistry Definition-Card 1
Hydrocarbons-Card 3
Alkanes-Card 6
Isomers-Card 13
Alkyl Groups-Card 16
Alkane Nomenclature-Card 19
Cycloalkanes-Card 33
Alkane Physical Properties-Card 38
Alkane Chemical Reactions-Card 47
Haloalkanes-Card 50
Alkenes-Card 58
Alkene Nomenclature-Card 61
Geometric Isomers-Card 74
Alkene Physical Properties-Card 76
Alkene Chemical Reactions-Card 77
Markovnikov's Rule-Card 83
Alkynes-Card 86
Alkyne Nomenclature-Card 89
Aromatic Hydrocarbons-Card 92
Benzene-Card 94
Aromatic Nomenclature-Card 103

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